Some Frequently Asked Questions

Our stone can be applied to any structurally sound surface with the proper preparation. It fits nearly any building plan — large or small, interior or exterior, new residential or commercial projects – or on any remodel.
In general, installation of stone can be installed by almost anyone. However, installation does require a fundamental understanding of stone masonry.
As with any building material, the beauty of that product is greatly enhanced by how well it is installed. With Paloma Stone Products, careful consideration regarding the type of profile and color selected, the actual installed stone “pattern”, and the type of grout technique used, are all very important factors to regard. It is always best to create a mock up board with the desired aesthetic appeal prior to installation on your project.
To clean dirt or other particles first try a simple soft bristle brush. If necessary use a mild type of detergent mixed with water or a solution of (no more than) 1 part white vinegar to 6 parts water. Rinse with clean water to remove any cleaning solution that might remain on the surface. Never use wire brushes, acid cleaners, power washers, bleach, paint remover or any other type of concrete cleaner.
When efflorescence occurs, as it does with many masonry products, it is the usually the result of moisture migration through the masonry substrate. Once the moisture is on the masonry surface, it evaporates, depositing dissolved salts in the form of efflorescence. Efflorescence naturally disappears over time as long as the moisture source is controlled or eliminated. Efflorescence may be removed with a solution of 1 part white vinegar to 6 parts water. Scrub using a soft bristle brush and vinegar/water solution. Rinse well with clean water.
Periodic washing to remove surface dust and debris is all that is required. Most products are virtually maintenance free.