Complete Design & Installation Guide by Paloma Stone Products

Although custom design and full installation services are available, working with stone can be a satisfying experience that is easily within the reach of the average Do-It-Yourselfer. Paloma Stone Products are easy to install, from crafting a simple stone wall to designing your own stone fireplace. Our products are light-weight, and no special foundation is required. Paloma Stone Products can be installed on any un-painted concrete or brick walls, with no special preparation, although it is recommended that a bonding agent be added to the mortar for insulation.

Application to wood surfaces is a simple four-step operation:

    1. Apply heavy building paper.
    2. Apply drainage screen (optional), such as Mortairvent.  Contact Paloma Stone Products for details.
    3. Staple metal lath or similar product to wall to contain mortar.
    4. Apply scratch coat of mortar ½’ thick.
    5. Butter” mortar onto back of stone approx. ¾’ thick, and apply stone to wall with slight wiggling motion to set, assuring that all pieces of stone are evenly-spaced, and that all grout lines are straight and even.


NOTE:  All steps and procedures must be in line with all local building codes.  Please Contact Paloma Stones Products if further information on these building codes is required.