Technical Info

Paloma Stone Products has been tested by certified recognized laboratories in Canada.

The following tests have been accomplished.

Compressive strength (A.S.T.M. C170-87)

  • Wet conditioning on product Parallel rift
  • Average: 24.9

Freeze thaw (A.S.T.M. C67-88)

Bulk density (A.S.T.M. C97-88)

  • Average: 1411

Flexural strength (MPA) (A.S.T.M. C99-87)

  • ¬†Average: 373

Absorption (A.S.T.M. C97-88)

  • ¬†Average: 19.6%

Cladding weight

  • Average: 373

Fire rating

  • CAN/ULC-S114